4 reasons to get Sodastream cylinders refilled on the island:

  1. Save approximately 40%  on refills.
  2. Save time, carry less on the ferry.
  3. If you’re concerned that the Sodastream company is located in the illegal settlements. Learn more here.
  4. Keeping money in the local island economy.


Refill Price

If you have the right kind of valve: $10 each

If you have the wrong kind of valve I can change your valves for $70 or you can continue refilling canisters in the city until you do have the right kind of valve.


How to Get a Refill

Call 416-203-1029 during daytime hours and we’ll arrange a time for you to come by to 3 Nottawa Avenue to exchange your empty cylinder for a full one.


Do you have the right kind of valve?

Sodastream cylinders have two kinds of valves. One can be refilled as is, the other cannot and requires changing.

Correct valve (notice the pin in the end):

Valve that allows for Sodastream refills.

Wrong Valve (notice the flat pin):



Cylinder can only be filled to 85% of normal pressure. To fill to 100% requires equipment that costs thousands of dollars.


If you don’t have a Sodastream Machine

You can purchase Sodastream Machines at The Bay, Sears, Costco, Walmart, etc. You can find a retailer close to you at their website.

You can learn more about Sodastream or purchase online at Sodastream.

A Sodastream Machine (starter kit) costs between $100-$300.


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